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Streaming with Netflix for free

All good things in life come free. This is a statement that is very difficult to believe with the tough economic situation and hike in the costs of many services. This has not left Netflix behind. The video streaming service provider has increased its membership fees in recent times to keep up with the economic situation. The only resort left for people who can’t afford the membership fees is to find ways to get to stream Netflix content for free.

A lot of folks have resorted to illegal ways just to watch Netflix because they can’t afford the membership fees. However, as no crime is pardonable just because there’s a reason behind it, this article will serve as a guide to inform you on how you can watch Netflix for free legally. The information contained in this article will show you various legal ways of streaming the content on Netflix for free.

Below is a list on how you can watch videos on Netflix for free:


Different plans on Netflix offers you different sharing ability. There are 3 Netflix plans that can be subscribed to viz; the Basic, the Standard, and the Premium plan.

With the basic plan, you only have access to a movie at a time so, sharing with someone on this plan might be a bit tricky.

On the Standard Netflix plan, you are allowed to watch two videos at once so, this encourages sharing.

With the Premium Netflix plan, sharing is no problem as you can stream up to 4 movies or shows at the same time.

To stream for free, all you need to do is to get someone who trusts you to share their Netflix account with you. The process of doing this is further explained below.

Sharing A Netflix Account

On Netflix, you can create about 5 different profiles, each with their unique recommendations and watch lists. With this, you can easily share your account with a family member or a friend.

To create a different profile for a person on your Netflix account, go to on your browser page and select the user icon. This is located at the upper corner on the right. Click on “Manage Profiles”. You should see the “Add Profile” button. Select it and enter the name you want to use for the new profile. Click on the “CONTINUE” button and select DONE. Your new profile is ready to be accessed. However, all the profiles on the account can only be accessed with the same username and password. This is why it is important that you only share your account with someone that you trust.


On the page, there is a JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH option. All you need to sign up is an email address, password and billing information. Your membership begins once you have inputted this information which also includes your name. However, you can’t register with an email address that has been used before.

With this method, you can sign up a couple of times with a new email address. However, remember to terminate your membership before your free trial elapses as your account will be billed if not.

Also, Netflix sometimes send offers of free trials to account that have been neglected. Don’t count on this though as it could take several months before it happens.

Another means of getting Netflix for free is through one’s cable or phone company. Companies like Verizon and T-Mobile provide services that comes with the perk of have Netflix for free. Find out more by getting in touch with their customer service department.

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